fswatch - versions informations

[2006-02-19] fswatch-0.02.02beta
- a file information database is platform independend.

[2006-02-14] fswatch-0.02.02beta
- fswconf doesn`t work properly. it doesn`t show an inheritance by subdirectories properly.
  it shows all entries but it should show only entries with "I" option.

[2006-02-14] fswatch-0.02.03beta
- fswconf was fixed.

[2006-04-01] fswatch-0.02.04beta
- fswcmp works faster.
- fswshow has new features.
- some examples in fswatch.conf(5).
- default fswatch.conf checks directories: /etc /bin /sbin /lib /libexec /usr/bin 
  /usr/sbin /usr/lib /usr/libexec /usr/libdata /usr/local/etc /usr/local/bin 
  /usr/local/sbin /usr/local/lib /usr/local/libexec /usr/local/libdata

[2006-04-18] fswatch-0.02beta5
- fswbuild doesn`t create datebase file if it can`t read a configuration file.
- new naming conventions (fswatch-0.02beta5 instead of fswatch-0.02.05beta).