fswatch - file system checksum checker

source: http://fswatch.sourceforge.net
author: dominik karczmarski (http://www.karczmarski.com)

what is it

fswatch is a utility to guard changes in a file system.

fswatch is composed of three simple programs: fswbuild, fswcmp, fswshow. fswbuild builds file system information database. fswcmp compairs two database files and returns what changes a in file system have been introduced. fswshow shows contents of database file. a file information database is platform independend.

fswatch can collect the following information about files (and directories): inode, links, uid, gid, mode, size, flags, ctime, checksum (sha1) ; and can show which files were added, deleted or changed.

fswatch is one of many similar utilities. the main difference is the configuration. you can define different settings for every directory in a directory tree. moreover, it is very small and fast.



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all sources are at sourceforge (download). the lastest version: 0.02beta5.

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